Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Puddles and Pillows

During a rainstorm on September 22, Bailee told me she was going to go out and splash in the puddles. Being the mean, uptight mom that I am, normally would have said, "No. You'll get all dirty and wet, and I just gave you a bath this morning."
But for some reason, I decided to just let them go out there and have fun & play.

They dug in the closet with all the too-small coats & boots, found something to wear, and went out & had some fun. So I had to grab the camera and take some shots!

For our Young Women's activity on September 22, we made these cute value pillows. They have a square for each of the value colors, with a multi-colored square in the middle. Bailee was actually with me at that activity because Kevin was at scouts at the church as well. She really paid close attention to what we were teaching the girls, and really wanted to make her own. So I helped her cut out some squares, and told her we'd make her one at home later.
So on September 27, Bailee started learning how to sew, and used a sewing machine for the very first time!

She did so good! She was very careful not to push the pedal too fast. She even got the "reverse" concept down quickly.
Here she is turning it inside-out, ready for stuffing!

The front.....

And the back....

All done! Way to go Bailee! Now she is constantly telling me she loves to sew. We made a few more mini-pillows for the girls dolls. It's so fun having girls!


Frank, Heidi and Family said...

What a fun idea for the YW pillows. My boys LUV to get all wet and dirty and look for worms of course after it rains- but I don't let them do it enough. You're good to let your girls have fun in the water. You're a better mom than me.

Mark and Kattie said...

She did a great job! That is so fun to get her started sewing now.

The Brower Bunch said...

gidget looks like she's dead on the floor! That's cool. I actually like to make simple stuff with a sewing machine, if I had one.

Amy said...

That is so cute! Way to go Bailey. I taught Sarah how to embroidery on a pillow one year. She loved it.

That is awesome with the water. I would of been like the mean mom and said no. Sometimes us moms need to let them do things like that. That is what I keep telling myself. Stuff like that doesn't happen very often at our house.

Angie said...

I love that she wants to sew already. And way to go mom for teaching her!