Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Here goes the busy month of December! Here's a couple of shots of 2012's lights...

We had our annual gingerbread-house-making FHE. It was such a busy night that I failed to take a picture of each kid by their creation. Oh well. I guess there's always next year.

We went to see the lights downtown on December 18th. My parents came with us this time. First we visited City Creek center and had dinner in the food court (which was packed with people). We saw these candy creations in the windows, then headed over to temple square.

The girls sang in the Winter Song Festival on December 19th. They did such a great job!

Even if you don't choose to watch this whole video, check out the fun surprise at 0:52 seconds. ;)

We had the annual Christmas Eve family get together at Chapman's, with dinner, reading the Christmas story and acting out the nativity, doing the gift exchange, and opening the pajamas. This year, we didn't have Myrna to make them for us. But her daughters did a wonderful job of making pajama pants for each of the kids, and they all got matching t-shirts with Grandma's nicknames on them.
The newest member of the Chapman clan: baby Makay!

We came home after the festivities at Chapman's, and quickly got the kids ready for Christmas morning. Kevin read them the Night Before Christmas. They all slept in Ryker's room together. (His door has a lock on the outside, so we locked them in to keep them from peeking!)

I know this is kind of a long video of the events of Christmas day. I'm sure in 5 or 10 years, our family will love to watch it!

Grandpa Chapman came to visit Christmas afternoon!

That evening, we went over to Hendersons to celebrate with them and do the gift exchange.
Not sure what Kevin is disgusted by in this pic...
And that covers our Christmas 2012!

I brought my camera with me to feed the horses one morning after a fresh snowfall. I don't take a lot of pictures of the horses in the winter. Here they are looking fat & furry. ;)

For Christmas, I had asked for new wood flooring. So a couple of days after Christmas, we started the long project, by tearing out and re-routing the chimney.

The concrete guy had come & cut this hole in the foundation a couple of days earlier.

Now the chimney runs outside of the house, where it belongs! Thank you Kevin!

And here's a fun pic of Kevin playing with Beckham. He likes to put him up on his shelf, then catch him.

And we celebrated New Years Eve over at Ty & Shannon's. It was a great night!

And that concludes 2012!