Saturday, March 31, 2012

Disneyland Surprise!

This happened WAY back in March, but I just finished the video. Enjoy! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

8 months

Beckham is 8 months old, as of March 17, 2012. (St. Patrick's Day).

We went to St. George and saw the awesome air show that day, (pics & videos to come soon), then drove down to Anaheim for a surprise trip to Disneyland! The kids had no idea. It was so much fun!

While at Disney, Beckham's first tooth came in! He wasn't fussy or anything. Bailee was the first to notice it.

Here we are waiting in line for Woody's Round-Up. Probably the longest line we waited in the whole trip, (about 40 minutes.)

Beckham's very first ride at Disneyland was Finding Nemo. He loved it. He was happy the entire week!

We love you Beckham!

Monday, March 12, 2012


Bailee is growing up way too fast. Seriously. She just turned 9.


I can hardly believe it was that long ago that we welcomed her into our lives. But I can hardly remember what life was like with no kids!

In these first two pictures, you can see the difference in her face from the instrument in the roof of her mouth, that has been widening her upper jaw. The first picture was taken in November, when she had it put in. We turned it with a key every day to widen it a little bit at a time. Can you see the difference?
The second picture was taken the morning of January 9, right before we took her in to get her braces. (They just put them on the top teeth for now).

And later that day, after also getting a haircut!
She was so excited to get her braces, and didn't complain about the pain too much. Her teeth have already moved so much since then! They've even added brackets to 2 more teeth on the top, that have since grown in some more.

Bailee is a sweet, responsible girl. She loves to play with her baby brother.
She loves to read. Recently, we returned 5 books to the library, and she checked out 12 more!

She is a picky eater, and LOVES sweets, just like her daddy. Baked ziti is still her favorite food.

She had a birthday party with her friends on February 11. They decorated cookies, (after one of the kids put the red frosting on their noses, the rest of them had to do it too!)

They played some fun games....

Bailee LOVES penguins, so she wanted a penguin cake, and a penguin pinata. Our friend Natalie did a FABULOUS job on this cake, don't you think?

By some miracle, Kevin found this penguin pinata at Winco the morning of the party!

We kept the cake a secret until her party. She really loved it! She kept the frosting penguins for days after the party, until they eventually fell apart.

The next day at Sunday dinner, we celebrated the 3 February birthdays at Grandma & Grandpa Chapmans. Grandpa Gaylen, Bailee, and Hadlee. We were able to use the un-eaten bottom half of the penguin cake. :)
Her actual birthday was on Monday, so when daddy got home from work, we had another quick little celebration for her, before FHE.

Happy 9 years, Bailee! We love you!