Wednesday, September 22, 2010

more August happenings....

August 14th was a busy day for family reunions. The Chapman, Henderson, and Gierisch reunions were all being held on that day. Since the Chapman one was being held in Blackfoot, Idaho, and the other 2 were being held in Utah, we decided to attend 2 out of the 3.
So first that morning, we headed to Camp Williams for the Henderson Reunion, (my Dad's family.) We stayed long enough for some visiting and the program.

Then we headed up Provo Canyon for the Gierisch reunion (my Mom's family). I only have a couple of shots, but it was fun to see so much family in one day!

On Monday, August 16, the girls went to their first day of school! Bailee in 2nd grade, and Trinidee in 1st. They love their classes and their new teachers!

On Tuesday, August 17, I caught Ryker running around with these scissors. I immediately said, "No, no, those are Dangerous! You can't have those, give them to mommy." Ryker (with a big smile on his face), then tossed them in my direction. Just as I was saying, "NO, don't THROW the......." they landed in my foot.
I felt the scissors go pretty deep, and actually heard them hit the hardwood floor I was standing on. I immediately grabbed my foot, not daring to look, for fear of the gushing blood I knew would be there as soon as I let go. I don't even know what Ryker's response was. I was too worried about my foot.

After a few seconds of holding my foot, I pulled my hand away and saw the big hole. Then immediately got sick to my stomach. I knew I'd need stitches. And there was no gushing blood, by the way.
So I called Kevin, he came home, took Ryker to the neighbors, (thanks, Megan), and went to Instacare.
Here's a shot of my foot at home before we left.

And a shot of it at the doctor from Kev's cell phone. I got all queasy when I thought about the shot I'd need to get and the stitches. But it wasn't so bad.

It hurt really bad to walk on it for a couple of days, but it's all good now!
And on to other things...... Here are some random pictures of the sky after a stormy evening in August.