Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fun-filled weekend

We had a very fun & busy weekend over Sept. 24-25. I signed up for the Dirty Dash race, which was held at Soldier Hollow near Midway, Utah. So we decided to stay in Park City Friday night at the Westgate. When we arrived, we wandered main street in Park City, and had some very over-priced dinner. We should have brought our own food and made dinner at the condo. It has a full kitchen. Oh well. Next time.

After dinner we went back to the hotel & went swimming. The pool was too cold for Kevin & I (wimps), so we sat in the hot tub while the girls swam.

Then we played some games back at the room before bedtime.

Saturday morning we headed out to Soldier Hollow for the race. Here I am before the mess.

Here's a view of the course near the finish line. Along the course, there were huge hay bales to jump over, tubes to crawl through, walls to climb over while being pelted with mud & water, tires to maneuver through, a big swampy field to slosh through, and lots of MUD!

This waterslide was SO much fun! It was close to the finish.

Here are one of the waves starting. You're just running along all happy, clean and dry, then all the sudden you're in this sloppy, wet mud! Everyone started screaming when they reached it. Some were even picking it up & throwing it at each other.

I appreciate Kevin for waiting with the kids for me. Next time, I'm getting a babysitter and making him do the race with me. It's too much fun to do alone!

Here I am running toward the finish.

and about to get into the pool of mud.

All done. Dirty and freezing. (On the lower left of the pic.)

I really was a lot dirtier than this. My legs were pure black at certain points, and my shoes were covered in thick mud. The last obstacle kind of rinsed it off.

After I finished, I took some more fun pics: And those people are cheating. You're supposed to be on your belly going under the flags. Not lifting them up and walking under them!

SO much fun!!
After the race, we headed home, I got cleaned up, then headed for the Conference Center to sing in the choir for the General Relief Society Meeting.
These first shots are actually from the dress rehearsal one week earlier, on Sept. 18. Photos courtesy of Photography with Impact. I'm in the 3rd row from the top, 4th person from the right.

Sister Beck (the General Relief Society President, of the world!) talking with the organist, who was awesome, by the way. Sister Beck talked to us and it was so cool to see her in person and hear her funny jokes!

And our awesome Choir director, Sister Jolley. She was so funny, and had a fun, spunky, sweet personality. I loved her!

These last 2 shots are from the actual night of the Conference. Courtesy
It was so amazing to sing in that conference center. The spirit felt there was so powerful, especially when you're singing! I could not hold back the tears no matter how hard I tried.

It was a fun, and very fulfilling weekend!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Puddles and Pillows

During a rainstorm on September 22, Bailee told me she was going to go out and splash in the puddles. Being the mean, uptight mom that I am, normally would have said, "No. You'll get all dirty and wet, and I just gave you a bath this morning."
But for some reason, I decided to just let them go out there and have fun & play.

They dug in the closet with all the too-small coats & boots, found something to wear, and went out & had some fun. So I had to grab the camera and take some shots!

For our Young Women's activity on September 22, we made these cute value pillows. They have a square for each of the value colors, with a multi-colored square in the middle. Bailee was actually with me at that activity because Kevin was at scouts at the church as well. She really paid close attention to what we were teaching the girls, and really wanted to make her own. So I helped her cut out some squares, and told her we'd make her one at home later.
So on September 27, Bailee started learning how to sew, and used a sewing machine for the very first time!

She did so good! She was very careful not to push the pedal too fast. She even got the "reverse" concept down quickly.
Here she is turning it inside-out, ready for stuffing!

The front.....

And the back....

All done! Way to go Bailee! Now she is constantly telling me she loves to sew. We made a few more mini-pillows for the girls dolls. It's so fun having girls!