Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Welp, it looks like I didn't take a whole lot of pictures during the month of March. But it was a busy month, no doubt. Every month is busy around here. Trust me.

This is just a cute picture I had to post. I had asked the girls to clean their rooms one day, and they chose to spend their time doing this instead:

A couple of days before Easter, we colored eggs. We tried using Kool-aid packets this year for the first time instead of the kits w/ vinegar. It worked out pretty well, and the kitchen smelled fruity-delicious!

Here are the kids Easter morning, examining the goods:

Trin color-coded all of her candy. :)

Ryker got some legos, and had them set up in minutes!

And here's our family in our Easter best:

Also, I had some of my work published in a catalog for the first time! It's featured on the cover and some of the inside pages of the Alpinizmo Outdoor 2013-2014 catalog. The pics were from two of the hikes we did last year in the Tetons. I thought I'd better add it to the blog. ;)