Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ryker!

My little guy's 2nd Birthday was on Thursday. I can't believe he's 2 already!

We started off the day by going to Discovery Gateway and playing for a few hours.

And that night after daddy got home from work, he unwrapped his presents. If you can't tell by the pictures, he LOVES cars!

Here's his cars cake, made by Harmons.

Then on Sunday, we celebrated his birthday with my side of the family. Here he is opening more presents.

And take a look at this! My SIL, Brianna, made this cars cake for him! I can only imagine how long it took her to do all that fancy frost-work! Thanks a ton, Brianna, you're so sweet, and talented!

Blowing out the candle. He just kind of makes the "f" sound, when he's trying to blow. It's so cute!


Grab a handful!

And happy birthday to my brother, Kody, who shares the same birthday!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Daybreak Tri

Sooo, I finished this tri about a month ago, on September 19th. This is the first tri I've done where I haven't had anyone come to watch. *sniff-sniff*. So the reason I'm so late in posting is because I was waiting for the photographers free finish line picture to be ready. It's finally here, and here ya go...

I'm leaning forward cuz I'm about to do a cartwheel. That's right. I'm livin on the edge.
This was a great TRI. I loved that I could just wake up in my own bed, drive a few miles down the road, and race. I love these ones that are so close to home! And the Daybreak area is just so gorgeous, the course was beautiful. The swim was supposed to be in the lake at Daybreak (it's a man made lake), but they were having reports of some kind of roundworm, so they had to move the swim to their tiny outdoor pool. They had us do 3 lengths in a 25 meter pool. Are you kidding me? I was in the pool for like a minute. I felt sorry for swimmers on the relay teams. Then we had to run a mile to the transition area. So the total of the swim, stopping to put on your shoes, and then the 1 mile run to transition was our "swim time". The bike was pretty tough. It was a false flat all the way out, and there were some pretty tough hills, but it made for a great time on the way back! I was literally shouting out "wheeee and whoooo" on the way back. It was a blast! The run was fantastic. Nice and flat. The course ran around the Daybreak Lake, one lap for Sprint, and 2 for Olympic.
This was my second attempt at the Olympic Distance Tri, and it went a LOT better than my first at Jordanelle in August. I felt great on the run, didn't stop, only slowed down for aid stations, and finished in 2:40:16, 11th in my age division.
Swim: 12:05
t1: 1:28
Bike (21 miles): 1:24:09
t2: 1:33
Run (6.32 miles): 1:01:02
I can't wait to race this one again.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Zoo

I took the kids to Hogle Zoo last week. It was a lot of fun to see the baby elephant, a baby monkey, a baby giraffe, and a baby snow leopard (who is more like a teenager now). I only have time to post these few pics. If you want to see more, I posted lots on my facebook page. :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall ride

I was able to go on a fabulous ride on Friday with my dad. We went up American Fork canyon to the Deer Creek trail, and went up to the top of a pass, where we could see over into Utah county and Salt Lake county. It was perfect weather, the colors were amazing, and it was overall a great day!
Here's a shot of Mt. Timpanogos from near the trailhead.

This is what our trail looked like on the lower elevations. Gorgeous!

Here's a view of the Lone Peak area.

Lunch break. Nice view of Timp!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Nice day for a picnic.

So in Utah, the weather here is crazy. Last Monday it was near 90 degrees. The weather man said it would be windy on Tuesday, then snowing on Wednesday. Well, that's what happened. So last Monday I thought I'd better take advantage of the nice warm weather, I packed some lunch, and I headed up the canyon with my kids since the girls are off track. We went up Big Cottonwood and stopped for a picnic. They loved it!

Then we drove the rest of the way up to Brighton ski resort. I let the kids sit on the ski lift, and they were disappointed that they couldn't ride it for real. It was a perfect 75 degrees up there. Nice.

Then, we went on a little hike. We walked around some of the trails in the trees. The kids climbed on rocks and logs, fell a few times, picked up some rocks and pine cones, and had a good time.

And here are some of the wonderful fall colors!