Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April 2013 is the month of April (plus March 31st) in a nutshell...
On March 31, (Easter) we had an Easter egg hunt at my parents house after Sunday dinner.
We went to the Canyons with our friends Ty, Shannon, & Spencer on April 1st. I had a coupon for ski rentals, so I tried skiing for the first time. I didn't do very well since I wasn't on a bunny hill and it was VERY steep. I switched back to snowboarding pretty quickly. Next season, I will try skiing again. This time on the bunny hill first.
While we were at the Canyons, Ryker was playing at his cousins, fell out of a hammock, and got a buckle fracture on his left arm. He was pretty proud of his cast. :)
We started working on this flower bed on April 4. The pic below was actually taken a year earlier, in spring of 2011. It was too shallow, hard to weed, and we needed to fix it badly. Kevin had put the new landscaping blocks in back in August of 2011.
On April 4, we started getting it fixed up & planted.

The Salt Lake Half Marathon was on April 20th, one week after the Boston Marathon where the bombs went off at the finish line. They had this banner to sign for Boston at the expo.
This is the 9th year in a row I've participated in one of the events. And I was by myself this time. Usually I have at least one family member with me, but not this time. :(
The start line was dry, but just a few minutes after starting, it started raining. And it didn't stop. The. Whole. Time.
I finished in 2:01:36. Soaking wet and pretty cold. But I think the rain made me run faster. :)
Ryker got his cast off on April 23rd.
Here's a couple of fun random pics of the boys...
On April 25, I saw a little bird who kept hanging around our pine tree. I checked to see if she had built a nest, and sure enough, she did! There were 5 eggs too! I was so happy.
The very next day, I saw this...
Then 3 days later, they looked like this....
And sadly, a couple of days later, I went to check on the nest, and it was gone. Shredded & destroyed, with no babies in sight. I was pretty sad about it. I don't know if it was the cat or some other type of bird that did it. It was a bummer.

But, life goes on, and I love this time of year when everything starts blooming! Beckham loves helping me water the plants.