Sunday, December 1, 2013

November 2013

November started on a sad note. Uncle Lonnie, (pictured here on the right side of the picture), passed away on October 29, 2013, about 1 1/2 years after his sister Myrna.
His services were beautiful, and there were many family & friends there. 

Not to overshadow the funeral, but this was also the same time our family had seen the new headstone for Myrna, which was just placed there a few weeks before Lonnie's funeral. They are buried near each other at the Bedford cemetery. 
Myrna & Lonnie's siblings: Duane, Marilyn, Spencer, & LaRon at the luncheon.
I will miss Lonnie and his sense of humor, his kind smile, and even his short temper. ;)

On November 13, my dad & I went on the last horse ride of the season. This time up Millcreek canyon. My dad also gave the trailer a makeover. It used to look like this:
& now it looks like this:
It also has a re-inforced floor since Rosey almost broke through it last year.
We tried Thaynes canyon, but couldn't go as far as we'd liked, because of ice & snow. It was a fun ride anyway. Nice & steep, and a good workout for the horses.

November 20 was crazy hair day at school...

And Thanksgiving was spent at my parent's house this year. But I forgot my dang camera! So I just stole this one pic from my mom's phone. It was a good Thanksgiving, with yummy food & the whole family was there.

On November 30, we had a baby shower for my sister Season, who had her first baby girl, after 4 boys! Here she is with some of her childhood friends. :)

And November, of course, is "no shave Movember", which Kevin participated in this year. 
Here he is on November 5,

November 10,

November 15,

November 20,

November 25,

And December 1st...

His brothers also participated during the month, and they wanted pictures taken before they shaved all of it off.

Friday, November 1, 2013

October 2013

So October includes more soccer for Ryker & Trinidee. They both did the spring soccer as well. I took a few shots at one of their last games of the fall season. 

I can't believe how fast Trinidee can run. She can outrun some of the boys. Maybe I need to get her into track & field.

On Ryker's 6th birthday, I took him to the new Lego store! I wish I would have had my camera with me. He was in 7th heaven. We stayed there for probably an hour. He ended up choosing this Ninjago set, and immediately started setting it up when we got home.
After Kevin got home, we had cake, and we practically had to pry Ryker away from the Legos long enough to sing him happy birthday and have him blow out his candle.

Then he opened some more presents. Most of them related to Legos!

For Halloween this year, the girls wanted to be "carrie" type girls, although they've never seen the movie. They've just heard about it. So we got this cute dress at DI for about $3 & trashed it. I was kind of sad to ruin it, but Trin looked pretty scary! Bailee just used one of her old nightgowns.

Our Halloween dinner...

We bought a Power Rangers costume for Ryker earlier in the month, but we couldn't find it, so he decided to paint his face black instead. He says he was a vampire. Hindsight, we should have painted the faces after eating.