Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Behind on blogging...

I've gotten into a terrible habit of blogging once or twice a month. This isn't working for me! I now have the whole month of August to catch up on, and it will probably take me hours to post it all. But I have to do it, because this blog is pretty much my "journal", and I print each year out in a book.
So I really have to get it done. I've just been so busy!
And I think I take way too many pictures.
If I can just catch up, and then try to post once a week, maybe that will work? But I guess it's just like laundry. I'll never REALLY be caught up.
Many, many August posts to come. Soon hopefully, including:
A couple of hikes
Some reunions
First day of school
Some home improvements
The stabbing
and the cute kitty


Jessica said...

I hear ya! I am behind too!

Mindy said...

can't wait to hear (read) about all of it!

kimbob said...

I get behind also! How much do your books cost that you print out? I use mine as a journal too so just curious