Monday, March 25, 2013


I had such a great time making this video. I was inspired by another photographer to just make videos of normal, everyday life. It took about a week or so to film everything. This will be something our family will treasure forever. :)

Here is a glimpse into our life.

Friday, March 1, 2013


On February 7, Trinidee had to have "surgery" to get a big chunk of wax removed from her ear. It had been bothering her for months. The Dr had tried to remove it at a previous appointment, but it was so big and so close to her eardrum, that she had to be put to sleep for him to remove it. She just couldn't hold still enough. It was a lot of fuss (and a lot of money) for a 3 minute procedure.

But here she is, cute as can be in her hospital gown, ready to go.
They had given her some medicine to relax her. And she was being really goofy. I took some video on my phone, but I'm having a hard time getting it to upload to my computer. I guess this picture will have to do.
And here she is waking up. All went well, and her ear hasn't bothered her since!

February 13 was Bailee's 10th birthday! It was on a Wednesday this year, so she had to go to school. But we got up early and made her pancakes for breakfast! 

She wanted to go to 3 of her favorite places after school: Golden Corral for dinner, Nickelcade, and the dollar store. So we did, and had a lot of fun. :)

When we got home, she opened her presents...

Here she is reading her receipt for the 7" tablet we purchased for her. (It hadn't arrived yet.)

I did her 10 year photo shoot a month later, and here are some of our favorites:

Valentine's Day was pretty uneventful. Kevin had work and the kids had school, and Kevin and I went out to eat that night at Iggy's before Kevin had to head off to school. Pretty simple. And I took 0 pictures. :(

Here's a random pic of Beckham on Feb. 23.

I found Ryker and Snowflake fast asleep on my bed one day. Thought it was a cute pic. :)