Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I got to fly with Kevin!

Justin Dalton & I got to ride in the back on one of Kev's flights. I got a little nauseated. It was SO hot in there, and he was practicing his turns. ecckk. Here's a couple pictures from the sky. One is of the Utah Olympic Oval & Fitness Center, and one is our neighborhood.


Mindy said...

Scott has always wanted to learn to fly. It scares me to death. Look at you being a brave and supportive wife! Thanks for linking to our blog, it's good to hear from you, sorry it took me forever to respond to your comment. Also thanks for the help and tips with the wainscoting, Scott is so proud of himself and shows everyone who comes over what he did. :) I'm linking your blog to ours, hope you don't mind!