Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Pioneer Day!

This year for the 24th, we actually just bought a $10 pack of fireworks and some sparklers, and just did them in the street. But this is the first year we've done it alone, just me, Kev, and the kids! We always seem to have people over or go somewhere for the 24th, so it was a nice change. After we lit ours, we got up on the roof to watch all the fireworks around us and over the valley. Ryker was in bed, of course, I wouldn't dare take him up there. The girls were a little nervous, (so was I, having them up there), but they just stayed on the blanket and held still for the most part. It was a fun night!


The Mom said...

I absolutely love how in every picture Trinidee is totally hamming it up! That is such a different side than I see in Primary!