Friday, April 30, 2010

Congrats, Kev!

Kevin has been taking flying lessons off and on for quite a while now. He's getting more serious about it, and lately has been flying a few times a week. He's taking classes through Cornerstone Aviation.

Well, on April 19, 2010, he flew his first SOLO! I was a little nervous for him, but not too bad, because I know he's been doing good during his flights and landings with his instructor.

He survived, and I'm so proud of him. Congrats Kevin!


Angie said...

I think this is really cool, but also very scary at the same time! Marty would love to fly one day too!

Jessica said...

Awesome! And yes, very scary.

kimbob said...

how fun he could fly you guys places!! :)

Mike and Kaci said...

Congrats Kevin!