Sunday, April 25, 2010

Salt Lake Half Marathon

So I raced in the Salt Lake Half Marathon last Saturday, April 17. It was perfect weather for running, (in the 50's), and the day went well. This is my 6th year in a row participating in one of the events, and I've done each one at least once. (There is a 5k, Bike Tour, Half Marathon, and Full Marathon all on the same day). This is the second time I've done this half marathon, and I'm happy to say I beat my time from 2007 by 10 minutes.

Here's a couple of shots at the starting line before the race,

A couple of shots during the race,

And the finish line! It hurts so good!

This is what Kevin was dealing with when I crossed the finish line, so he didn't get to see me finish. Bummer! He loaded up all the kids, fought the crowds, and dealt with the kids, all for nothing. Oh well. I still appreciate him coming to show support. Thanks Kev! (& the kids)

Bailee, however, did see me run by, so she told Kevin, and he put her over the gate to catch up with me. She finally did after I stopped. I'm glad she didn't get lost in the crowd!

I had heard that 2 of the hosts from Good Things Utah, Nicea and Reagan, were running this race, so I looked for them after the race. As I was waiting in the line for my gear bag, I spotted them, and went and talked to them for a few minutes. We all had matching shoes! For cute....

So my time was 1:54:11, with an average pace of 8:43. I didn't have to stop, which was a plus.
Here are some other interesting numbers:
Number of 5K finishers: 1,837 (598 males and 1,239 females)
Number of Half Marathon finishers: 4,627 (1,742 males and 2,885 females)
Number of Full Marathon finishers: 1,041 (632 males and 409 females)
They don't time the bike tour, so they don't post how many participants there are, but I know there are a LOT.
So the half marathon is by far the most popular race. I'm so glad this sport is growing!
That is a LOT of people!! I'm glad I'm not the race organizer. :)
My placement: (Just a bunch of numbers only I care about, but have to document for journaling purposes)
1,078th out of 4,627 overall half marathon finishers
404th out of 2,885 female half marathon finishers
105th out of 594 in my age division


Mindy said...

you're a speedy one, Tia! Congrats! You inspire me!

Amy said...

That is pretty cool and awesome!

kimbob said...

you amaze me!!! 1/2 marathon one week-end then triathalon the next week-end! How do you find the time? I admire you, I really do! Loved seeing you run by in the tri and cheering a little. I wish I ran just a little! My goal is a 5k!!

Potter Family said...

You are truly amazing. Great job, someday maybe a 5K for me but that is a BIG someday! Thanks for inspiring me.

Angie said...

Great job Tia! That is awesome!

The Brower Bunch said...

Freakin' awesome! Way to go! You and Brianne are my heroes! I need to get my lazy butt up and do something!

Jessica said...

Awesome Tia!!!!

Kim said...

WOW! You're amazing. You'll find me on the sidelines with Kevin and all the other spouses and kids!