Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spring Sprint Tri

This is the first TRI of the season for me. I did it last year, (click here for the blog post), and beat last year's time by 6 minutes. This is the one that takes place right by my house. The swim (400 meters) is in the outdoor 50 meter pool at Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Center. The bike is a 14 mile loop with 2 brutal, long hill climbs, and the run (5K) goes around my neighborhood and right past my circle.

Here's a shot of my stuff in the transition area before the race:

And the steamy pool before the race. It was in the high 40's or low 50's that morning. I'm just glad it wasn't snowing! It was cold outside, but bearable.

Another shot in the transition area before the race:

Here are most of the racers at the pre-race meeting. There were a lot more racers this year than last year. This is only the second year they've done this race.

Kevin didn't get any pictures of me during the swim. I told him I had a hot pink swim cap on. But then when I was putting it on, it broke! So I didn't have one on, and he couldn't find me. It sucked not having a cap when I'm used to having one. My hair kept getting in my face. Boo.

This is the second hill, near the top. I'm very tired at this point, and going VERY slowly! All the sudden I hear a car honk, and Kevin drives up ahead of me. Then he stopped and took a couple of shots, and the kids cheered for me. :)

Almost to the top. Man those climbs were tough!!

Finally going back down hill. At the intersection of 5400 S and 5600 W, a car wasn't paying attention to the traffic controllers, and he pulled out right in front of me. I had to come to a full stop. If I would have been 2 feet further ahead of where I was, there's no doubt I would have hit him, or he would have hit me. It was pretty scary! There was a lot of yelling going on, but I just kept going, saying a little "thank you" prayer the rest of the way down the hill.

And here's the run portion, right near my house.

Swim 10:33
T1 2:28
Bike 56:55
T2 0:42
Run 23:06
Total race time: 1:33:43

276 racers (last year there were only 120)
100 females
176 males
Average race time: 1:35:22


Mark and Kattie said...

Congratulations, i love that you have it all documented in photos.

Angie said...

Great job! It was fun to see all the runners in our neighborhood this year.

Kim said...

Can I just say you are amazing!?!? Great job!

kimbob said...

I keep saying this but I admire you! It was so fun to see you run by my house and glad I saw you to cheer! I was looking for you and Steve Malone. You looked great!