Friday, June 12, 2009

Tickets, anyone??

Okay, I've learned my lesson. This year, Kevin & I bought tickets to the Jonas Brothers/Stadium of Fire/SheDaisy concert, with no intention of going. My niece and her friends are going, so Kevin, his brother, and I all bought tickets at the same time, and they'd just take the best seats out of all the tickets we purchased. I thought the concert would sell out quickly, and I could sell my remaining unused tickets for a profit.

Well, that's not happening. For some reason, it didn't sell out quickly, and the demand for tickets is really low. What's going on? Must be the economy.

So I've got a total of 12 tickets sitting here, and I won't even be in Utah for the 4th of July.
I've got a set of 8 tickets: Section 23, Row 34, Seats 9-16.
I've got a set of 4 tickets: Section 136, Row 15, Seats 17-20.

I'm selling them for $50 a piece, which is less than I paid for them. Again, I've learned my lesson and won't ever try to scalp tickets again! I just want to get at least some of our money back. If you are interested in any of these tickets, leave me a comment, or e-mail me at It should be a spectacular night!


Jessica said...

Man, if that concert were in South Carolina I know about 25 young women that would be fighting for those tickets! That is wierd though, the Satdium of Fire tickets usually go quick.

Frank Cole said...

That's funny, I've actually got 12 tickets to the same concert, but I'm only selling them for $35. Anyone interested? :)