Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mother Daughter activity

Bailee gets to go to activity days twice a month. Last month they had a mother-daughter activity, where I got to join her and make a little craft, and we had an activity where we answered questions about each other.

I kept the papers, but I'm sure they'll just get lost somewhere, so I thought I would document it here instead, since this blog is really the only "journal" I have:

Questions about Bailee that I answered:

Bailee's Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite Meal I Cook: Baked Ziti
Favorite Activity with me: Hiking or Swimming
A place Bailee wants to travel to: California (actual: Where the penguins live)
The temple Bailee wants to get married in: Salt Lake (actual: Oquirrh)
Favorite place to shop: Wal Mart
Something she likes to or would like to collect: Earrings (actual: rocks)
The name of her favorite teacher this year: Ms. Moore
A talent or skill she would like to develop: Dancing (actual: Gymnastics)
What she wore to school yesterday: Pink striped shirt, braids
Favorite Music or Musical Artist: Rock & Roll
Favorite Movie: Despicable Me (actual: Spongebob or Tangled)
What her ideal day off from school would include: riding her bike, cooking, going swimming, movies
Her favorite subject in school: Math (actual: Art)

I guess I was pretty close on most of her answers.

But her answers for my questions were pretty funny:

Mom's shoe size: 24 (actual: 7)
Year she was born: 1998 (actual: 1977)
Name of her high school: Cougar High School (actual: Hunter High School)
Where she met your dad: School
All-Time favorite snack food: Candy (actual: I don't really know, but I'd take cookies, cake, or pie over candy)
How many states in the USA has she lived in? Can you name them? Utah
Which foreign countries has she visited or lived in? None (actual: Mexico, Canada, Belize)
How many children did he say she was going to have when she grew up? 6 (actual: 4 or 5)
If she had one day all to herself, what would she do? sleep (actual: probably sleep, but get some other things done as well! I'd probably go on a hike.)
Her dream car: red (actual: anything that gets good gas mileage!)
Her favorite book: The Hiding Place (actual: The Host, although I was impressed that Bailee knew I was reading The Hiding Place at the time.)
Her favorite season: Summer
Her favorite color: Green
Her favorite temple: Oaker (loved how she spelled it! And I don't really have a favorite, but we were married in Timpanogos.)
Her favorite scripture verse or story: Nephi

It was a fun activity, and I enjoyed getting to know Bailee better!


Frank, Heidi and Family said...

Cute! Glad you posted it, you'll look back and love the answers and she will too. Good idea.

Jessica said...

So fun! Could you imagine size 24 feet. You could water ski without the skis. Actually, it shows how much she DOES hear and see.

Angie said...

Sounds like a fun activity!

Mindy said...

This is cute, I love the 1998 birth year. :)