Friday, July 8, 2011

July 4th weekend....(and beyond)....

So the July 4th weekend was packed with lots of fun and activities! The girls had their last day of school on July 1. Here is Bailee with her 2nd grade teacher, Ms. Moore. And Trinidee with her 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Kingsford. Both of these teachers were WONDERFUL, and I can't say enough about them. The girls have greatly enjoyed school, and they both told me that they were sad they wouldn't have their teachers anymore. They will miss them a lot!

Also, on July 1, we made our LAST car payment on our Tahoe! I thought that would be blog worthy. :) It's going to be so nice to have that extra money each month. Now hopefully it doesn't break down so we have to fix it or buy a new car!

On that same Friday evening, we went to the Western Stampede Rodeo in West Jordan.

I *heart* Lone Peak! I just zoomed in and got a shot of it while waiting for the rodeo to start. It's hard to believe that just 10 short months ago, I was on the top of that mountain. Now I wouldn't even be able to go a mile up that steep trail. :P

My nephews, Toby & Jack competed in the Muttin' Bustin'. Last year Toby actually won it and got a huge trophy! This year he wasn't so lucky. They each stayed on for only a couple of seconds. But all of the competitors got a trophy! Now all 3 of my kids want to try it.

Here's Jack's attempt:

Toby getting lowered down by Brianne:

And Toby's attempt:

Friday night, the kids asked if they could sleep out on the deck, and we agreed. It was the first time we've let them do it, and they did fine. They even slept in! The only problem was that they woke up with mosquito bites all over their faces.

Saturday, July 2, we worked on some painting projects. I am determined to get them done before this baby comes!! (only 2 more weeks until the due date.)

We are painting the crib and changing table for the baby, a nightstand and desk for Trinidee, and a vanity for each of the girls dressers.

Saturday night Kevin went to a "guys night out", so I went with my dad & kids up Little Cottonwood Canyon. We went as far as the road was open, which was just past Alta, right before the road changes from asphalt to dirt road, where the gate was closed. Here's the Albion Basin area, with still a ton of snow!

Then we went to the White Pine trailhead and walked up the trail a ways.

There were so many waterfalls running. We stopped to take a few shots of them:

Monday, July 4, we finished up the painting projects:


And then had friends over for a yummy BBQ and a fun fireworks display with our circle neighbors. This year they legalized aerial fireworks, so we bought some of those too.

Trin picked her outfit....interesting choice, no?

Tuesday, July 5, I took the kids to the neighborhood playgroup at the splash park. (No pictures though.)

Wednesday, July 6, we hung out at my mom's since my sister is in town from Idaho with her boys, and my brother & his family from Wyoming. Grandma just bought this cool slip n' slide. The kids loved it!

And Thursday, July 7, we took them all to the Living Planet Aquarium. Again, I didn't have my camera, but the kids loved it. Especially being able to pet the sting rays.

Isn't summer the best?


Mark and Kattie said...

You guys have been busy having fun! I can't wait to see the finished products of all the painting!

Frank, Heidi and Family said...

Awesome week. Nice trifle who made it? :) I love being so busy. In fact we have had something every single day this week as well and finally today the boys asked if we could postpone our plans until next week. They just wanted to stay home and play with friends. I guess that is ok too. I hope you get all your painting done.

Angie said...

Fun, fun! Summer is great!