Thursday, July 1, 2010

The official start of summer.

And the 5th blog post of the day is here. I think I'm done blogging for today! Only a few more posts to go and I'll be caught up....

I guess summer doesn't really start until the kids are out of school, right? Well, June 4th was their last day. Then they will be on D track, so they don't start up again until mid-August. So we get a nice long summer!
I was able to go with Trinidee on her Kindergarten field trip to Wheeler Farm the last week of school. She wanted me to take a picture of her with each animal, so here they are! The baby piglets were so cute!

And this is her last day. They did a little program and highlighted each one of the students. They got to dress up in something that reflected who they are, and Trinidee chose to wear her princess dress!

Mrs. Bickmore was a great teacher, and she was very proud of the class.

Come on, Trin, where's your REAL smile?

And Bailee's 1st grade teacher was Mrs. Cracroft. I knew her growing up, since she was in my parents stake. She was a WONDERFUL teacher, and I wish there were more teachers like the ones my kids had!

So I decided to put the girls in swimming lessons since they've never taken them yet. Bailee is already great in the water. She's like a little fish. She can go on the water slide without a life jacket. It's deep at the end, and she can swim to the side without sinking! But I thought they better get some official lessons anyway. They started June 14th, and they've already completed their first levels!