Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Sprint Tri

I did my first Triathlon of the season today, the Spring Sprint Tri at the Utah Olympic Oval. It was right by my house. I just rode my bike there! Kevin had a scout meeting this morning, so he wasn't able to come. I had no cheerleaders! *sniff*sniff* :( But it was still fun. The weather was pretty darn cold though. I think it was just in the 40's. Good thing the pool was heated! I shot this picture of the sky on the way down to the Oval. Thought it looked pretty cool.....

Here's the steam coming off the pool in the cold morning air. Brrrrr!

And here's the transition area before the race. I didn't get any pics of me during the race, since no one was there to take them!
But here I am after I finished! Kevin came after his meeting, but I was already done. Oh well.

I think this is the first year they've done this tri. Not too many racers. And the bike course was HARD. It had SO much UPHILL!! I felt like I was just dragging. I was passed by SO many people on the bike. But the run course was great. I ran along the streets I'm used to running on. I even ran right past my circle! It felt kind of wierd.
More numbers you might not care about:
Number of finishers: 120 (45 females, 75 males)
Overall place: 79th
Place in my age division: 7th out of 14
Place in my gender: 22nd out of 45
Swim (400 meters): 10:29
t1: 2:28
Bike (20 Kilometers): 59:29
t2: 1:54
Run (5 Kilometers): 25:16
Run pace: 8:09
Total race time: 1:39:34


Liz said...

Tia, you amaze me. I think that's great that you did this even after doing a marathon a week ago. I admire your commitment and hard work!

Frank, Heidi and Family said...

It does look pretty stinkin' cold. Good for you for doing this and starting out the season with really good time. You have amazing endurance.

Kristin Garrett said...

incredible Tia! I think it's great that you do all of those races!! I can't wait to post pics of my first 5K!

Shannon said...