Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wasatch Woman 5K/10K

This is Kattie, Liz, Heidi, and I before running the 5K/10K this past Saturday. It was great fun! I have to enter myself into races so it MAKES me get out and train for something. When I don't have a race coming up, it's a lot harder for me to just go work out. I need a reason! It works! If anyone wants to find a race in the Utah area, a great place to look is here: http://www.mysaltlakerunningco.com/saltlake/text_1.asp?s_id=0

Kevin brought Bailee and Trinidee, and we left Ryker with my mom. (Thanks mom!) Here's Bailee eating my post-race snack.


Julie said...

You are so awesome! I want to do the St George half marathon this February-we'll see. My camera is a Canon Rebel and it is awesome!