Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hidden Peak Challenge

This morning I raced in the Hidden Peak challenge at Snowbird. The starting line elevation is at about 8,000 feet, right by the Iron Blossom Lodge, and the trail goes up to the top of Hidden Peak at 11,000 feet. It is about 4 1/2 miles, and I finished in 1:24:12. It was STEEP! I only ran for a few minutes the whole time. I feel like that mountain has chewed me up and spit me out! What a day. It was great fun! And gorgeous scenery.

View from the top looking east.

View from the top looking west into SL valley. By the way, you can just ride the tram up to this spot to enjoy the wonderful scenery. It's a lot easier I'm sure. ;)

After riding the tram back down

The lovely fall colors!


Frank, Heidi and Family said...

Oh my gosh, Tia, I wanted to do that one so bad. But I didn't have time to train for it and no one I talked to seemed really excited about it. Apparently, even though I wouldn't have been able to keep up with you, I was talking to the wrong people. Maybe next year.

Jodi said...

You are amazing! I wish I had your ambition! Way to go!

Shannon said...

You Rock!! And nice music!! DM ggggggg

Jessica and Scott said...

So I am seriously jealous of all the fun events you do! I've only got a few more weeks of being prego and then hope to jump back on the wagon - eventually. :0)