Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kody's accident

As some of the family is already aware, my brother Kody was in an accident yesterday on I-15. My explanation of what happened might not be entirely accurate, it's just what I've heard from my other family members, and Kody and his wife Brianna. He was travelling on the south end of the valley, going north on I-15 around 10600 S., and a cement truck full of cement crashed right into the back of him, causing his truck to hit the vehicle in front of him, and another one in front of that one. I don't know if traffic was slowing down or why he slammed into him, but Kody seems to remember maybe slowing down or he could have even been totally stopped. Kody says he doesn't remember the accident at all, or even seeing the truck coming or anything. He just remembers waking up in the hospital and really trying to make an effort to just concentrate. He has a concussion and a neck brace, and had to have a cut on the back of his head stapled shut. He was wearing his seat belt. The airbag didn't deploy, (we don't know why). The man driving the cement truck might have been on drugs or alcohol, but I don't know that for sure yet either. I was told the drivers of the other cars are okay, and Kody is the only one still in the hospital. My sister Season told me the cement truck shouldn't have even been on the road because it hadn't passed inspection. Tyrel is Season's husband, and Kody's boss, so he has been getting this info since the truck Kody was driving was the company truck.
Kody is still in the hospital today, and might go home tonight or tomorrow morning. They said he has no broken bones (a miracle!). Kody says the worst part is his upper neck and the accident kind of "accordianed" his neck out, and it's really sore.
I'm so grateful it wasn't worse. It's hard to believe he could have died yesterday. We love you Kody!!


Lindsay said...

How scary!!! I'm glad Kody is ok too! Oh my gosh, I HATE the freeway for that reason! We had a scary experience and almost got in an accident on the freeway because of another driver as well, I wrote about it on our blog in June. Driving is scary...but I'm glad it wasn't worse for Kody! He was watched over for sure!

Angie N. said...

Yikes! I'm so glad he's doing ok. What a blessing that he's not any worse. I hope he gets feeling better soon.

Kristen said...

I'm sorry for your brother's accident but glad it wasn't worse. By the looks of that car, I'd say someone was watching him. What is it with airbags? When Josh had his accident he hit 2 guardrails and another truck head on and neither truck's airbags deployed. Crazy! Our thoughts are with Kody for a speedy recovery.

Mindy said...

Ouch. That's all I can think when looking at those pictures! He is sure lucky... blessed is a better word... wow. Best of luck to him for a quick recovery. I know a good chiropractor if he needs one.

Kerri said...

Tia, that's absolutley incredible! I'm glad that Kody is okay...more or less. You'll have to keep us posted on everything. It truly is a miracle he wasn't hurt worse.