Monday, September 9, 2013

Chapman Reunion

September 6th & 7th was our 6th, (and final) family reunion of the summer. This one was with Kevin's immediate family. Friday night we had dinner over at Tiff's house. (She was in charge this year). We had yummy milk can dinners, smores, funnel cakes, and had fun just hanging out. I didn't take any pics that night though. Oops.

The kids got to sleep over in their back yard. I knew Beckham needed a good nights sleep, since he was already exhausted from our hike to the caves earlier that day. So Kevin, Beckham and I went home to sleep.

The next day we had breakfast at Tuttle's, then went to a park & had fun carnival games & lunch. And we just had a relaxing day of hanging out with each other.

Kevin's 3 sisters, and some of the best Sister-In-Laws I could ever ask for!

It was great to spend time together. Thanks, Tiff & Drew, for a great reunion!