Monday, October 1, 2012


September was another month filled with family time, camping, & the mountains. Wouldn't have it any other way. 

The month began with our 6th, and final family reunion of 2012. We rented a cabin in Heber with my immediate family, and stayed over Labor Day weekend.

It was a nice, big cabin with lots of room to play & visit, lots of wildlife visiting each day, and it even had a zipline. The kids spent SO much time on that thing!

It rained a few times, and even hailed.

Dawna introduced us to the game "Settlers of Catan". It was a lot of fun!

Grandma Laine brought lots of fun things for the kids to do....

We did our annual family pictures too!

That's a lot of grandkids. Getting them all to behave and look & smile at once is almost impossible.

I love aspens! I took this pic, then had it enlarged and printed on a canvas, which now hangs at the head of our bed. :)

The next event was a final boating trip with 3 other families to Flaming Gorge. Our friends had a family cabin they shared with us. I didn't take a lot of pics, probably because we were having too much fun playing and making another music video! ;)

I went on a ride with my dad up American Fork canyon on September 14. It's the first time I had ridden Rosey since before I was pregnant with Beckham! It felt SO great to be back in the saddle again!

Our lunch spot...

Pfeifferhorn in the center of the pic...

September 22-23 was our second backpacking trip in the Tetons, this time in the South Fork of Cascade Canyon. If you read the August post, we had cut that trip short because the smoke was so thick. Well, it was still smoky in September! But we went anyway, and had a fabulous time. And this time my hubby was able to come along! I was so happy to have him there. My brother-in-law Kyle, and my sister Season also joined us.


The group at Hidden Falls...

Oh holy sweetness....

Our camp spot, 8 miles in.

This is one of the new flavors of the Mountain House meals: Chicken Fajita. It was SO delicious! One of my new faves!

We hung out at our campsite for lunch, set up camp, then headed up to Avalanche Pass, 5 miles further.

You can see two tiny little black dots in this pic. Kody is the upper black dot in the center of the pic. Brianne is the one below him.

Trying to get there before sunset.

We made it!

Still pretty smoky, but pretty nonetheless. The Grand behind us on the right.
All of us.

Headed back down at twilight. 5 miles back to camp. On the way back, we heard a wolf howl off in the distance. It was so eerie. And awesome!

Headed back down.


At this point we were all dead tired. 25 miles in 2 days. 

Jenny Lake.


Melissa said...

Beautiful family, beautiful places!

Kelly and Megan said...

I love all the pictures! What fun times you have had! And I can't wait until we make our 3rd enstallment of videos. : )

Angie said...

So fun! You are always outdoors doing something fun! Love that cabin in Heber. Beautiful and so fun. I wish I had a family that actually liked to get together. Hopefully Marty and I will get our kids together for fun things like this in the future.