Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July 2012

July was, and always is, an incredibly busy month. We had 3 of our 6 reunions in July. Lots of travels, adventures, and fun times!

We'll start with July 4. The Garrett reunion was being held up in Wyoming, July 4-8, but I had to go to Oakcrest on the 5th. Kevin went ahead up to Wyoming with the kids, which meant I would be alone on the 4th and 5th. Then I would drive up to Wyoming after Oakcrest on the 5th.

I couldn't think of a better way to spend my alone time on the 4th of July, than with a nice hike! I wanted to climb up to the Pfeifferhorn, because I had never been there. I headed up Little Cottonwood, despite the heavy smoke from a fire that started in Alpine the day before. The solitude was heavenly, although I did get a little bit scared at times.

Here's Red Pine Lake looking south, early that morning.
And Red Pine Lake looking north...

From upper Red Pine Lake, I wasn't sure which pass to climb. There really isn't a trail up at this point. I headed for the pass on the left, since it looked like the easiest one to climb, and I had seen some footprints in the snow headed toward that one.

Here's the view of the Pfeifferhorn from the top of that pass. I was still pretty far away from it. I decided this was far enough for the day.

View from the pass of Twin Peaks, and lower and upper Red Pine Lakes.

It was SO smoky. This is looking northeast, toward Alpine.

On the way down, I had talked to some of the other hikers who made it to the top. They told me which pass I should have taken. So now that I know how to get there, I'll be able to climb her! Maybe next summer.

Lunch at upper Red Pine Lake. The pass I should have taken is the one on the right. I went way too far to the left.
It was nice to come home, relax in a quiet house, and just be alone. I watched fireworks outside in the circle with some neighbors, and had a great nights sleep!

Moving on to the Garrett Reunion (Kevin's mom's family)....
We had lots of fun working, playing games, driving up to Hidden Lake....
doing crafts...
building and launching rockets...
visiting, and just being together.
Visiting Myrna's grave. Just under 2 months after her funeral.

On July 11, I took the kids to Sweets candy factory for their free tour. They loved it, but Beckham hated the (required) hair net.

July 13-14 was our ward campout. It's been a while since our ward has had one, so we were excited to be able to go this year! It was pretty good weather. It rained a little, but we had lots of rain flies set up, plus the campground had asphalt walkways everywhere, so no one really got muddy. It was good to get up in the cooler weather too. We love our ward!
See more pics of the ward campout on my FB page.

July 17 was Beckham's first birthday! See the full blog post here.
July 20-21 was the Gierisch (my mom's family) reunion up at Heber Valley camp. Another great weekend with lots of food, family, fun, visiting, and games!
We even fit some work into the weekend by doing a service project and working on grooming the trails.
See many more pics of the Gierisch reunion on my FB page.

July 24 was a fun day! Kevin took the day off work and spent it with us. We went to the pool, (it rained a little), then to dinner and the Days of '47 Rodeo with our friends! Thanks, Heidi, for the pics. :)

The Henderson (my dad's family) reunion was July 28, also at Heber Valley Camp.
The kids sang "Little Green Valley" to Grandma Henderson. It is a song she has loved for a really long time. They did so good!
My amazing Grandma Henderson. I love her so much!
Many more pics of the Henderson reunion are on my FB page.

And that covers our fun-filled July!


Kelly and Megan said...

Man time flies! I feel like it should be summer still. Instead, there are 5 inches of snow and Christmas is in two weeks! Your summers always look so fun. Lots of good memories for your family!