Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sunset Peak

On August 22, we were invited to go with our friends Heidi, Jackson & Gavin on a hike up to Sunset Peak. It was the perfect day for hiking! Nice & overcast, cool, and it even rained a little, which felt wonderful after the heat we've been having in the valley. The hike is 6 miles round trip from the Brighton side, (you can also start from the Alta side).

I don't see bluejays very often. But after googling it, I don't think this bird is a bluejay. Oh well, it's a pretty blue bird anyway. Sorry about the blur...

This hike is great because it's nice & gradual, and you get to pass 3 lakes on the way up. This is the first lake, Lake Mary. I love the granite shoreline...

After we arrived at the lake, it wasn't long before the chipmunks came and begged for food. 

This is Bailee & I above Lake Mary.

And here we are at Catherine's Pass. Bailee & Jackson are pointing up to Sunset Peak. Not much further!

We made it! I've taken Bailee on lots of hikes, but this is her first summit! She did great!
Sunset Peak sits at 10,648 ft.

Lake Catherine (bottom), Lake Martha (middle), and Lake Mary (top).

American Fork Twin Peaks in the center, Snowbird tram on the right.

Heber/Midway below us....

And Timpanogos, one of my favorite mountains!

After the hike, Bailee wanted to take a breather on the ski lift. :)

It was a fun day! Thanks to great friends for inviting us!


Melissa said...

Beautiful views - looks like a fun day!

Frank, Heidi and Family said...

It was a great hike for me and perhaps Jackson. I guess the younger ones need more time to get used to hiking.