Wednesday, May 18, 2011

family/maternity pics

It's not very often that I actually take pictures of my own family. I really wanted to get some while I'm still pregnant, so I can look back and remember how our family looked at this special time in our lives. Thanks to the tripod & timer, we got some cute family shots. {I'm 30 weeks in these pics.}

My kids even helped out on the photo shoot. :)
And my hubby took the rest of these. He's quite the photographer!

And I had to throw in this picture, just because I love the confused look on his face. I was getting the camera settings right before I handed the camera over to him, so he was "modeling" for me. :)


kimbob said...

Oh I love the pictures!!! Love your cute pregnant tummy! I think I have 1 picture of me pregnant out of my 3 kids. But you look fantastic. I need you to do our pictures when you're back after the baby. Cute family!!!!

Mindy said...

These are fun! You have cute maternity clothes! I love the pictures!