Thursday, December 24, 2009

I have a favor to ask.....

I entered Ryker into an "Adorable Baby Contest", and the contest is now available for voting! Can you PLEASE vote for him?? Because he IS the most adorable baby ever! Of course, I'm biased ;) But I thought we'd give it a shot.
Go to this link: , and right in the middle of the screen, click the box where it says "Click here to vote for the most adorable baby" and find this picture of him:

Then just vote for him. It only takes 2 seconds. You can even see the results! You can vote more than once, but you have to wait 12 hours to vote again, not that I'm asking you all to do that ;)
Also, if you become a follower of RLT photography on Facebook, or the blog, they are randomly sending out free family photo sessions to their followers! So just go to the left side of the blog and click on "Follow this blog", and become a fan of RLT photography on facebook, and you're eligible to win!
Thanks for your votes!