Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Birds

So I love to see birds in my back yard. I have a bird feeder outside my bedroom window, and we always have tons of those cute little brown birds, I guess they're finches or something along that line. Some have a reddish face and brown body, some have a black head, white chest, and brown back. They're so beautiful! I sometimes catch myself just staring out the window and watching the birds for quite some time. But I really love the mourning doves. They are usually on the ground. And when I go outside, they fly off and go on the neighbors roof until I leave, then they come back. Over the summer, I would sometimes have 4 doves at a time, and for some reason that made me happy to have so many! But this past week, every time I would go outside to fill the bird feeder, there would be more and more that would fly away, and I'd hurry and try to count them! I saw seven one day and even called Kevin about it. Then one day I looked outside and saw this:

ELEVEN Mourning doves!! I was ecstatic! Kind of wierd, I know, to get so excited over birds. I'd just never seen that many at once before, and they were hanging out in my yard!
Then, as each day passed, there would be more and more. I kept counting them, and the most I counted was 31!! Aren't they cute??

I just wish they would sing more. They always sing in the summertime, but I haven't heard one sing ONCE in this cold weather! Maybe they're using all of their energy to stay warm. Or maybe they only sing when they're trying to attract the other birds, but they don't need to because they are already ALL here! ;)

Here are some shots of the smaller finch birds outside my bedroom:

And the other day I saw this bigger black bird trying to get in on the goods. I'd never seen one of those eat out of the bird feeder before.

I think my new nickname should be Snow White. Maybe I should go out there and try to convince a deer to eat out of my hand next?


Jessica said...

Very cool! And look at all that snow. I don't miss the white stuff.

Angie said...

Haha, I love the Snow White comment! Awesome birds. We stop filling our birdfeeder in the winter. Looks like we should go fill it again, but they eat lots! I don't know how you feed them all. :)

kimbob said...

I wish I had mourning doves at my house. I'm not that far away but haven't seen one in my yard.

Jessica Goodwin said...

Forget the deer. You could teach the birds to clean house. :)