Monday, August 18, 2008

Ryker's latest.....

Happy 10 month birthday, Ryker!! (on August 15th). Last time we weighed him, he was at 23 lbs. (big enough for a forward facing car seat). Well, we took a trip to Blackfoot, Idaho this past weekend for the Chapman reunion, and we wanted him to be able to watch the DVD's with his sisters, so we put him in the "big boy" car seat. He loved it! We also brought his rear-facing one as well, so on the way home, he could sleep more comfortably.

Ryker has been doing this for a few weeks now. He'll be crawling, then he'll pike up and put his head down through his arms and look around upside down for a while. But he never would hold the pose long enough for me to get a picture. I finally got one the other day! Yipee! I think it's the cutest.

Man, look at the chunky legs!

Okay Ryker, how do you REALLY feel about eating sweet potatoes??


Mindy said...

That is so cute!! I can't believe those legs!! Adorable! And happy Birthday to Trinadee! :)

Lindsay said...

haha what a funny little video! that was too cute! and happy birthday trinadee! it will be fun to see you guys at the reunion!