Monday, August 25, 2008

Reunion Ranch weekend

We spent August 21-24 up in Wyoming at the Reunion Ranch cabin with my side of the family. This is our 3rd time staying there and we hope to make it a yearly tradition.

Playing Rummikub

Easton & Bailee on the slip 'n slide.

We went on the hike up to intermittent springs, a spring that naturally turns on and off in the late summer/fall.

Kody is where the water comes out. It was off at this moment, but you could hear it gurgling and getting ready to come out.

Here it is a few minutes later, the water is gushing now.

Season (8 1/2 months pregnant), Brianna (16 weeks pregnant), and Mom holding Bailee & Trinidee.

After the hike we ate at the Homestead. We LOVE this restaurant. Tastes like home cookin. I had the Prime Rib.

After dinner, we celebrated Trinidee & Toby's b-days at the cabin.

Trin got this Tinkerbell dress & loves it!

Trinidee riding Asia.

Saturday, the family all drove up Dry Creek Canyon all the way to Dry Creek Lake. My dad & I rode our horses up and met the rest of them up there.

Then Kevin, Dad & I went on a little further up the trail for about an hour. Kody brought his motor bike. In the picture below, Kevin & Kody are pushing it up this steep part of the hill because it kept puttering out for some reason.

Me on Rosey on the Reunion Ranch property.

We took family pictures on Sunday.

It was a great getaway weekend. The temps are so much cooler up there, especially at night. I love the peace & tranquility of Star Valley!


Timille said...

That looks like so much fun. I have completly forgotten about the springs. I should have taken Brent up there when we were there. I wish we could go to WY more often. It's hard not to love that valley. Your family is very beautiful. I'm glad you had so much fun.

Angie said...

Looks like fun! I LOVE that picture with Trin in her in tinkerbell costume with the grass all around her. I hope you know which one I'm describing! :)