Thursday, January 2, 2014

December 2013

December. What a busy, fun-filled month. Always.
December 7th was the girls' performance at Festival of Trees. They danced to a fun version of Jingle Bells.
My good friend, and their dance teacher, Jesica, (below).
Here are a couple of pics of one of our first December snowstorms.

December 13th was our Ward Christmas Party.

December 18th was the Winter Song Festival at the school. Ryker slipped on the ice that morning and hit his head, hence the bandaid on his forehead. He had a huge goose egg and a bruise that lasted for a couple of weeks.
The kindergartners sang Jingle Bells.
Trin sang "I'll Be Home For Christmas" and another song that I don't know the title of.
I didn't get a picture of Bailee, because she was clear on the other end of the room. She sang 2 songs as well, including "Teacher Got Ran Over By a Reindeer".

Here's a random shot of Lone Peak one evening when I was driving to Utah County for a reception. There had been a snow storm that day, and the sun had peeked through the clouds just before sunset.
On Christmas Eve, we did our annual tradition of decorating graham cracker houses.

Then we headed over to Chapmans for our Christmas Eve dinner, nativity, and gift exchange. 

And here is Christmas Day at our house! We didn't leave the house all day. Nor did we even bother get dressed. Or do our hair. Pardon the mess....
Beckham LOVES his new Superman jammies!
Bailee earned this parakeet a few weeks earlier for keeping her room clean for 3 months. Christmas day was the first time it was brave enough to land on her head.
And what is Christmas without some bacon!?
Here are the kids with their decorated houses. I had forgotten to take a picture the day before.
Their Christmas loot....
On New Years Eve, Trinidee and I went to the Men's 1500 Meter finals at the Olympic Oval. She got free tickets from her school. It was cool to watch!
The first place guy, Shani Davis is the one with his hands on his hips, looking at the board after he won. Now we get to watch these guys in the Olympics!

And we spent our New Years Eve at the Garretts. We love our friends!
Here's to a new year!!