Saturday, August 31, 2013

August 2012

So August started off with a fun date night on August 3rd. We had discussed trying new restaurants with our friends. We put a bunch of restaurant names in a bowl (ones we'd like to try), & drew out Cedars of Lebanon! It was actually quite good! They serve Lebanese & Moroccan food. There were a couple of things that I wasn't in love with, but for the most part, it was yummy. I'm glad we tried something new.

Oh, and they had belly dancers. 

That was fun. 

Then we went to Trader Joe's. We each picked out one food and one drink, then went to a park and taste tested the different things. It was pretty fun, and most of it was pretty good too!

It was fun to do something we've never done before. We go to Iggy's quite often, (LOVE that place), but once in a while it's fun to have a change.

August 7-10, I went on TREK. That is another blog post in itself....

On August 12, Bailee was off to Mill Hollow. She had a great time!

Here's my latest furniture makeover. Cabinet at DI was $35, and it holds my scrapbooks & photo albums. :)

August 16 was Trinidee's 9th birthday! She got to choose what we did that day. She chose Chuck-A-Rama for lunch. She was nice enough to let her big sister tag along. 

After lunch we went to Fashion Place Mall, and she was able to buy some cute jewelry.

That evening, we got pedicures! It was the girls' first time. :)

And Trin let the cake be for both of us since I was on Trek for my birthday.

Beckham is just the best little boy! Every morning, he's super happy when I get him out of bed. He wakes up, plays, & talks until I come get him. I couldn't resist getting some more shots of him. These are on August 19.

Bailee started 5th grade and Trinidee started 4th on August 21st. They were SO excited to go back to school!

And with the girls back in school, it frees up a little more time for me to go on rides with my dad. August 23rd was a cloudy morning, but we went for it anyway.
We went up American Fork Canyon and up past Timpanooke. The rain didn't let up. We were soaked within minutes, so we only went a couple of miles. Then turned around and went back. I only took this one picture of my dad during the ride in the clouds. It was raining too much to keep getting my camera out.

It's hard to see, but the steam was rising off of the horses.
Then we just quickly drove over to Tibble Fork and had lunch. It was a good warm-up ride for the horses. I hadn't ridden since last fall.

Ryker's 1st day of Kindergarten was August 28th. He was also super-excited to go to the big school! He can't wait for all day school so he can eat lunch at school like his sisters.

The boys were playing in the pool on August 29. Up until now, Beckham has been pretty shy around the water. If he's sitting in the pool, he doesn't move or splash much. But this day, he was seeing how much fun Ryker & his friend were having, that he would just follow them around and do everything they did. Including splashing in the water! I'm glad he's finally getting into it.

I love the full saggy diaper! He just got in with his clothes on and I didn't bother changing him into his swimming suit.

And, up until now, Ryker has just had a mattress on the floor. We finally got a bed for him, (a loaner that was sitting in my parents shed), and he loves having a big bed! And yes, that is sharpie marker on his wall.


Kelly and Megan said...

I loved our date! One of the best dates I have been on!