Monday, March 26, 2012

8 months

Beckham is 8 months old, as of March 17, 2012. (St. Patrick's Day).

We went to St. George and saw the awesome air show that day, (pics & videos to come soon), then drove down to Anaheim for a surprise trip to Disneyland! The kids had no idea. It was so much fun!

While at Disney, Beckham's first tooth came in! He wasn't fussy or anything. Bailee was the first to notice it.

Here we are waiting in line for Woody's Round-Up. Probably the longest line we waited in the whole trip, (about 40 minutes.)

Beckham's very first ride at Disneyland was Finding Nemo. He loved it. He was happy the entire week!

We love you Beckham!


Angie said...

Such a cute baby! Glad he was so good for you, especially while teething! WOW!

Brianna said...

Sounds like you had a great trip! We got to see him on Sat for a brief moment and he is getting so big! I love how his cheeks are getting chubby :) It's so adorable!