Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chicken, Fire, & Teeth

Interesting title, eh? I couldn't think of anything better.

Sooo, here's another awesome tip I learned from Pinterest. I just have to share it, because it works so well! To shred your freshly boiled chicken breast, just stick it in your KitchenAid with the dough attachment, turn it on for a few seconds......

And voila! Perfectly shredded chicken!! It only works when the chicken is still warm/hot. :)

On October 25, Ryker went on a field trip to the fire station with his pre-school class. Sorry about the crappy cell phone pics!

Also that day, Trinidee lost her first tooth while she was at school, eating an apple! She was SO excited to finally lose a tooth! She lost the other bottom center tooth a few weeks later.

Bailee is already starting her long road of orthodontic work. She doesn't have enough room in her mouth for her adult teeth that are growing in. She also has a crossbite that needs to be fixed.

Here's her Nanny McPhee face. Had to get a picture before they fix it!

This is the separator she had put in on November 2. We have to turn it with a key every day, and it eventually spreads out the roof of her mouth. She's really been a good sport about all of it. She's been begging for braces for months. She'll get some braces on her front teeth pretty soon, but won't have a full set until all of her adult teeth are in. But at least we have a start!

And on November 6, we were signing birthday cards for some family members. Ryker has known how to spell his name for months now. He says R.Y.K.E.R. But this was the first time I asked him to write it. He did pretty darn good! Isn't it cute??


Kelly and Megan said...

I love the idea for shredding chicken (wish I had a Kitchen Aid!) and I love the firehouse pictures. The one with all of the kids and Miss Barbara is cute. Especially because it looks like Kate is resting her head on Ryker's shoulder. And, I love Bailee's Nanny McPhee face! So funny.