Monday, October 24, 2011

Snake Wreath

I found this idea off of pinterest, and loved it! I like to craft if it's not too complicated, and if it doesn't take too long. I had this wreath made in only a few minutes. The part that took the longest was finding the snakes.
Here are all of the supplies I needed:
I had the wreath in my storage room already. I found the paint and the bigger snakes at WalMart, and the smaller snakes at Zurcher's party supply store.

The hot glue gun didn't work so well on the bigger snakes, so I used wire to tie them to the wreath. The glue worked for the smaller snakes.

Then I just sprayed away! I sprayed the back of the wreath first, then flipped it over and did the front.

I think it's a fun Halloween decoration!


Brianna said...

It turned out way cute! :) I bet the kids love it too!

Ashley said...

That looks awesome. I wish I had the time and money to put in to doing crafts for the holidays. One of these years I will (:

Jessica said...

Cute! I did one too (because of pinterest). I went with black but I love what you did with the gray.

Angie said...

Love it!

Valerie said...

Where did you get the snakes? I want to make one.