Monday, November 8, 2010

October Miscellaneous...

My girls are officially back on track today, so the first thing I'm going to get done is catch up on my blog!

On October 8, we had a "Fabulous Friday" with our Relief Society. It was a fun evening full of crafts, yummy food (homemade soups!), and visiting. I was asked to teach a photography class. It was a lot of fun! And I still had time to finish these cute Thanksgiving blocks:

Ryker turned 3 on October 15. I get the "bad mom of the year" award for not taking more pictures than just this one. (below). But he got a new red Huffy bike with training wheels. We also had celebrations on both sides of the family where he got more great gifts! I forgot my camera at the Chapman one, so I'll have to get some pictures from my mother-in-law, who is always great at taking lots of pictures of the birthday celebrations.

Ryker is such a sweet boy. He has a fun personality. He's very independent, and will go off and play by himself for hours. But he also loves to hang out with his sisters. He still LOVES Cars, and wants to watch it all the time. He carries around his little cars all over the place.
He also loves tractors, buses, and trucks.

And he still loves the kitty.

Speaking of the kitty, here's a random picture of him up in our tree. I thought he was stuck, but he climbed down just fine after I took the pic.

I'm going to miss our fresh garden tomatoes. We did pretty well at the end of the season. I went out there one October morning, and there were TONS of them!

Snowflake came to inspect the tomatoes too, and rolled around in the dirt.

On October 25, we had FHE over at the Chapmans, and carved pumpkins.

On October 27, we got a huge snowstorm. It was crazy to see so much snow this early in the year, (in the valley at least), but I loved it. I knew it would melt quickly, and it did.

That afternoon, we decided to take advantage of the snow before it was gone, and went to the sledding hill right by our house. I love the way the mountains look with all the fresh powder.

Ryker wouldn't hold still long enough for me to get him bundled up, but it wasn't that cold anyway. He loved running around in the snow.


Jessica said...

I love to see your wonderful happy children. You are a great mom and a fantastic photographer. You are such an artist.

Kim said...

It's amazing how much snow you got over there! Awesome pics, would have been fun to attend your class.

Angie said...

Another fun month has come and gone! Happy Birthday to Ryker. Can't believe he is 3 already.

Amy said...

Cats do the funniest things.Our cats do funny things as well. Can't believe that Ryker is 3! Where did the time go?

The Brower Bunch said...

Holy fetch! I miss those mountains. I love those cute blocks too! I always forget you guys have a cat now! Wierd.