Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The rest of July....

I love Rodeos! We went to the Days of '47 Rodeo on July 24th at the Maverik Center. It was a lot of fun. The kids loved it too! I took lots and lots of pics, but these are some of my favorites. Click here if you'd like to see more on my FB page.

I love the look on some of the audience members faces.

Barrel racing. I think that would be SO much fun to try! Maybe someday...

This is my favorite shot of the evening. Dust, snot & all. It's what rodeo is all about.

I went to Young Women's camp July 26-30. I had to leave a day early for Shanna's wedding, (which I'll post about soon). This was my 7th year in a row going to girls camp. I have almost forgotten what it's like to have a summer without a week with the girls! I enjoy it every year. This year it was with the whole stake. We were able to go to Heber Valley Camp, which is quite the priviledge. They have CABINS, toilets, showers, nice kitchen areas, pavilions, a lake with canoeing, a challenge course, and it's just a really nice place to camp!

**Disclaimer: I only brought my point & shoot camera to camp, which is why these pics aren't the best.....

The girls rotated to different challenge courses. I was in charge of the "shark rescue" one. Afterwards, they let the leaders do the "scary" challenge of climbing up this post, crossing another one, then going on the zip line. It was fun!!

Here we are in the cabin having a devotional by Ariel about "inner beauty".....

We had time for lots of fun crafts....

One morning, Ariel and I went to the lake to watch the sun rise. The mist on the lake looked pretty cool!

The wildlife was in rich abundance. We saw squirrels, chipmunks, pot-guts, deer (with babies), ducks, bats, and all kinds of birds.

This was on the hike. It's the handy-work of a beaver.

Mmmmm......Navajo tacos!!

Our princess feast

Love these girls!!


And the most exciting part: Cleaning the bathrooms.


Angie said...

We enjoyed the few hours we had at girls camp as well. Too bad we missed you though! Those girls are awesome!

Mindy said...

I don't know how you do it all. I'm tired just thinking about it! It all looks like lots of fun. I'll bet you're ready for fall. :)