Monday, January 4, 2010

The end of a nutshell

Okay, I want to make all of my 2009 blog posts into a blurb book, so I'm finishing off all of my 2009 photos and fun events in one HUGE blog post, and here it is:
In late November, the kids had a fun little "campout" in their room. Here's a fun pic:

On November 30, we went to see the lights at temple square for FHE:

On December 1, Ryker graduated from his crib to a big boy bed!

Here are the girls reading Christmas books the day we set the tree up, December 3, 2009..

Here are the kids sitting on Santa's lap at the Ward Christmas brunch, December 5, 2009:

And at FHE at the Chapman's, December 6, 2009:

Here's a shot of one of our Christmas cards from this year:

And I was able to even shoot a couple of weddings in December.......

Here are the girls singing in their Elementary School program, December 17, 2009:

Here are some of the shots from the "Adorable Baby Contest" I entered Ryker in. You can still vote, by the way, even if you already have. He's running behind! :( Go to to vote!! I think voting is open thru January 8th. 3 more days!

For FHE on December 21, we had some friends over and we decorated Gingerbread houses!

And this is Christmas Eve. The cookies and milk are out for Santa, with a few carrots for the reindeer. Bailee wrote a last-minute list, to make sure he knew what she wanted.

And here are a few shots from Christmas morning. Don't mind the raggedy hair styles, it was Christmas!!

And here is the mess after all the presents were open. It took days to get it clean again!

Here is my gift from Kevin:

And we got to go to two New Years eve parties! I didn't take pics at the first one, (sorry, Frank & Heidi!), but here are a couple from the second party at Ty & Shannon's. We played Rock Band and had a wonderful time! Happy 2010!!!


Frank, Heidi and Family said...

Awesome post. It's a great summary. Feels good to get it all down on. I love blurb. That's how I did Frank's book and it's so easy. I want to see it when it's all done.

kimbob said...

looks like the month of December was a busy one for you guys. Love the shots from Temple Square. You do a wonderful job! Here's to 2010!!

Trulee said...

So cute! When did you darken your hair? It looks great!