Saturday, October 3, 2009

Nice day for a picnic.

So in Utah, the weather here is crazy. Last Monday it was near 90 degrees. The weather man said it would be windy on Tuesday, then snowing on Wednesday. Well, that's what happened. So last Monday I thought I'd better take advantage of the nice warm weather, I packed some lunch, and I headed up the canyon with my kids since the girls are off track. We went up Big Cottonwood and stopped for a picnic. They loved it!

Then we drove the rest of the way up to Brighton ski resort. I let the kids sit on the ski lift, and they were disappointed that they couldn't ride it for real. It was a perfect 75 degrees up there. Nice.

Then, we went on a little hike. We walked around some of the trails in the trees. The kids climbed on rocks and logs, fell a few times, picked up some rocks and pine cones, and had a good time.

And here are some of the wonderful fall colors!


Angie said...

How fun! How smart of you to get your kids out to enjoy the last of the warm weather and to see the Fall colors.

kimbob said...

we went up yesterday to Little Cottonwood canyon. Got to love our crazy Utah weather!!