Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jordanelle TRI

We spent last weekend in Park City for a little staycation, for the Jordanelle Triathlon, and some boating. We stayed at our timeshare at the Westgate, and my sister, Brianne and her family stayed with us. She did the Triathlon also.

We had a good carbo-loading dinner of spaghetti and chicken the night before. Yumm!

And we enjoyed some swimming with the kids!

Saturday morning, on our way to the race, we got to see the Tour of Utah bike ride pass by us. It was pretty awesome! They were moving so fast. I can't believe how many bikers there are! Here are some of them heading towards Timpanogos:

Race morning. Body marking. At this point I feel like I could throw up. This was my 7th triathlon, but my FIRST attempt at the Olympic distance, which is twice the distance I've done in the past. Eeeek!

Here are Brianne and I before the race. My race starts about 30 minutes before the sprint distance. So we didn't race together at all.

I'm one of those green heads floating in the water, waiting to start. The swim went pretty smoothly. Not too many people bumping into me. It was fun!

Swim to bike transition.

They had a fun area to entertain all the kids while waiting for the racers. They had crafts and face-painting. The girls loved it! I really appreciate Kevin for bringing the kids and watching them at all my races. I know it's hard to keep them entertained for so long, but it means SO much to me to have them waiting for me at the finish line! Thanks, Kev. xoxoxox

Face painting......

Kev didn't get a shot of me finishing, but here's the back of me right after I finished......

We did it! Brianne finished her sprint in 1:38:06, and was 7th in her age division. She has a 3 month-old baby!


Here we are waiting for the shuttle to take us back to our cars. Ryker has had enough.

I have to be honest though. I am pretty disappointed in my times. I know I was under-trained. I missed SO many training days! I had done the distances in training, but only one brick (bike to run) workout, and not enough biking or running. And I paid for it. Dearly. I cannot believe how hard the run was for me, and that's normally my best discipline. I have to blame part of it on the heat. In training, I only ran in the evenings after Kevin got home. So it was always cooler. Big mistake. If you're going to be running a race in the heat, train in the heat! It was in the 90's on Saturday. My body couldn't take it. I poured water all over myself every chance I got, and drank lots and lots of gatorade, but I can't believe how tough of a time I was having. The swim was great, just like in my training. The bike was okay, but my tires were low, and I failed to pump them up before the race, so I think that made it even harder! But the run, I'd call it more like a walk. I had to stop and walk WAY too much. My head was pounding, and I was getting the chills from being so hot. My lips were so dry, and I just wanted to be DONE!
Here are my times:

Swim (1500 meters): 36:02 Pace:2:24.2
T1: 4:05 (WAY too long! I forgot my quick laces so I had to tie my shoes, and I wasted time putting stupid gloves on for the bike.)
Bike (25 miles): 1:43:43 Pace: 14.4 mph (weak.)
Run (5.7 miles): 1:00:40 Pace: 10:38 (Aahhh!)
Total race time: 3:26:20.65
I know I'm being kind of hard on myself, but I know I can do better than this! And I hated that feeling of being under-trained! I went running last night and just ran all of my frustration out as hard as I could. I've learned from this experience, and I know what to do for the next Olympic tri, which is in Daybreak on Sept. 19th.
Bring it on.

Okay, so then we tried to go boating at Jordanelle with some friends. Nope. It was "full", too many boats. So we tried Rockport, about 15 minutes away. No luck. So we jetted over to Echo, and had a marvelous time! I just sat in a chair most of the time and hung out on the beach to relax. The kids had a blast!

Kevin has been practicing and practicing, and he finally landed his first 360!! Great job, honey!
So, there's my really long post about our fun weekend!


Melissa said...

Wow! Way to go, Tia. I think you're a 'super.' (Like the Incredibles?) Those pictures of Ryker are priceless...especially the one where the background is a little blurry and he's all bright w/ red crocs - love it.

Mark and Kattie said...

You guys are having a great summer it looks like. It is so fun to see all the pictures!

Josh, Anne and baby Merrick said...

Awe...I miss training for events like that. Josh and I were training for the ragnar here in Houston. But, my doc said I had to stop bcuz I was prego. :( Good Job on training and finishing. That's always an acomplishment. Greatjob!!!

Mindy said...

I think you are super woman! Great job!

Erin said...

Tia, you and Brianne are both amazing! I am so impressed! That is a great pic of Kev, that is awesome.

p.s. Chris won't be with us at the barn, so we wouldn't be able to do family shots - but we will plan on seeing you!

Mike and Kaci said...

Wow! That is one intense face Kevin has right there. Times shmimes! You did it and you finished- you are already ahead of everyone! We missed you guys this last weekend, but it looks like you had a lot of fun!

kimbob said...

You are my hero!! I am amazed at all your posts of all you participate in. here I think signing up for my first 5K would be huge and that's cake for you. Way to go, don't be so hard on yourself, just gives you something to work on getting better times the next time. You do make me tired :)
Love the boating pictures too, I miss boating but looks like it was a good time and way to go Kevin!!!