Sunday, July 12, 2009

Chapman Family Reunion

I'm a bit behind on my blogging if you can't tell, but I'm slowly catching up. Over the weekend of June 26 & 27, we held our annual Gaylen Chapman family reunion with Kevin's immediate family, (parents and brothers & sisters). Kevin is the second to the youngest of 6 kids.

Friday evening, we started it off with swimming at a friends pool. It was nice because it was like a private pool party, we were the only ones there. After swimming, we went to Kevin's parents for scones. Then the plan was to camp out in the back yard, but it was pouring rain, so a lot of us just went home and slept. (They live about 5 miles from us). The girls slept over at grandma's though.

Saturday morning we participated in the WestFest 5K race. A lot of the family did the race, and the rest of them watched kids, and came to cheer us on. The kids even participated in the kids fun run.
Here's our numbers if you'd like to know:
Kevin finished in 23:48- 3rd in the stroller division
I finished in 24:57- 5th in my age division
Kyle (Kevin's brother) finished in 21:41- 2nd in the stroller division
Brianne (My sister, Kyle's wife) finished in 22:52- Get this, she was the overall Female winner!! She was the fastest female in the entire race, and she had just had a baby 5 weeks before that! Impossible.

After the 5K, we went back to Kev's parents for a brunch. Then we went home to clean up for the Oquirrh Temple Open House. (It was during that time that the BEE encounter happened. If you don't know about it, just stroll down to my post about the bees.) The open house was at 4:00, and it was beautiful. It was the second time I was able to go, since I went with the youth in the ward a few weeks ago.

After the open house, we went to Kyle and Brianne's for a BBQ, program, and the West Fest Fireworks show. They live close to where they set them off, so we could just watch from their back yard. Each family did something for the program, and we played games. Kevin, Jessi and I had a marshmallow eating contest, and I was able to fit 11 large marshmallows in my mouth! I won. But none of us could stop gagging. Good times.

Then we had the fireworks show. It was a great weekend!


Erin said...

You guys are seriously amazing! I need a little running pep-talk. You know, you tell me I can totally do it too, I can get to that point and do it can't I - Ok, quit laughing.
Someday, if I ever get motivated, I am going to run a 5K too!