Thursday, May 7, 2009

Random Ryker pics

Here's a cute shot of Ryker when he's still in the "waking up" mode.

Here he is after he climbed onto the counter and found the open Peanut Butter jar.

Playing with his tractor, I love his FAT little hands!

And he loves to splash in the bath!


The Mom said...

I love his chubby hands! They remind me so much of Taylor when he was a baby!

Lindsay said...

CUTE! What an adorable little guy! He's getting so big! And his cute little chubby hands are darling!

Erin said...

Good pictures! I really want to learn how to take good pictures!! He is so stinkin' cute, his cheeks kill me. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you on when we will be down, things got a little crazy all of a sudden. We might have to wait til reunion time, will you be here??

Mindy said...

The one with the tractor is a really nice exposure, it looks nice and crisp and the colors look great! He is SOOOO CUTE! Great job!