Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Favorite Things

My sister-in-law Dawna did this on her blog, so here are some of my random (VERY random) FAVORITE THINGS (In no particular order). Some are material things, others aren't, but they're just things I absolutely LOVE! Here goes:

1~ Going to the temple with Kevin. I can't think of any other time on earth that I feel more peace then when I'm in the temple with him. It literally washes the rest of the world away for a little while, and I get a glimpse of eternity when we're there.

2~A CLEAN HOUSE! It's pretty rare, but when the house is clean, I feel like I don't have a house to clean (go figure), and I can spend my time with the kids or working on a project I've wanted to work on, or just sit and relax without thinking about cleaning the house. It sounds odd, but I feel like I can even breathe better when the house is clean, and I get all giddy inside!!

3~John Denver. His music just makes me go back in time when I was a little kid, my parents listened to him on their 8-track player all the time. We'd dance in the living room with my dad. His music will always be special to me. We always would listen to him while driving up to Star Valley, and we still do! Which brings me to my next favorite thing:

4~Star Valley! My dad was born and raised in Star Valley. As a kid, it was one of my absolute favorite places to go. I have SO many childhood memories on the farm, all good ones. Then I married Kevin. His mom was born and raised there as well! So you can imagine we travel there quite often, mostly in the summer. My grandma is still alive, but she left Star Valley a few years ago to be closer to some of her kids and the temple. She lives in Spanish Fork now. It's sad to drive by her old farmhouse and land and know it's not ours to visit anymore. Kevin's grandparents have both passed on, but the family still owns part of their property, so we get to go and stay up there sometimes. There's no place on earth quite like Star Valley!

5~Olive Garden! Especially that zuppa toscana soup. I love to dip the breadsticks in it. Yummm! I don't think I'll ever get tired of eating there! Now there's a new one a little closer to my house, so I'll have to eat there more often.

6~My single serve blender. It was like $13 bucks at Wal-Mart. I bought it for Kevin for Christmas (secretly knowing I'd be using it too). Well, I use it pretty much every day to make a nutritious smoothie: Skim milk, yogurt, fruit, and vanilla protein powder. I mix & match the different kinds of fruit and yogurt.

7~The car DVD player. I don't know how I would live without it! If we're in the car, sometimes the kids will be screaming and fighting, or just plain talking too much, and as soon as I turn a movie on......silence! It's wonderful. Even Ryker loves it!

8~The Mourning Dove. I think they're really pretty, and I love the song they sing. It reminds me of Burley, Idaho, where I also spent a lot of time as a child. (My grandparents lived there, now my aunt & uncle do). I always thought it was an owl, because of the way they sound like a "whoo, whoo", but learned what it really was just a few years ago. Well now we have a whole bunch of them that like to hang out in our back yard. They like to feed from the ground, (thank you, Wikipedia), so I put bird seed on the ground as well as in the bird feeder, which is just outside my bedroom window. I get to listen to them all day, and sometimes they even wake me up in the morning. But it's not loud and obnoxious, so I don't mind. It makes me happy!

9~Of course, last but not least, my husband and my 3 kids! They are the most precious to me of all!

So what are your favorite things? I tag anyone who's reading this!


Kristen said...

That is my absolute favorite picture of the Timpanogos Temple. I have it hanging in my bedroom. I loved your list of favorites. It's nice to know more about you.

Frank, Heidi and Family said...

I must agree with many of those but instead of your good deal at WAL-Mart I spent way too much for the Magic Bullet blender (I love it, but would have loved the cheapr version) and I love your thoughts on a clean house. I have those same feelings- after the house is clean I just want to leave and not come back for a whole day so it can atleast stay clean for that long.

Timille said...

I love Star Valley too. I just wish I could go there more often.
It really is the greatest place on earth. I enjoyed learning about your favorites.

Kerri said...

Tia, I just had to smile because many of YOUR favorites of were MY favorites. In particular, John Denver. And that's because I lived with your mom and dad before you were even born. ;) And then you have the mourning doves. Love those for the same reason. And while we'd here them from time to time around our house here in Orem, I think we've got a family that's taken up residence really close because I hear them every "mourning" at like 5:30 and listen to them all day long. It's a sound I never get tired of.

thanks for sharing!

kimbob said...

it's good to get to know you better. I like a lot of your things also. I like the picture of Kevin throughing Ryker up :)

Shannon said...

What a good idea. I loved it!

Holly said...

So fun to read through these and get to know you better. It was great meeting you this morning for the first time face to face and I only wish we'd all had a little more time to talk amid the photography stuff. :) The Zuppa Toscana soup is my favorite too, maybe next SYLP gathering we should hit Olive Garden for lunch?