Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Family update

Hello everyone! It's June 10, 2008, and here's our family update: Kevin is working hard wiring houses, being the scout leader and primary teacher for the 11 year old boys, and taking his pilots lessons on his computer. He's tried 3 times to go and take his flights, but each time the weather is too bad, so he hasn't been able to fly lately. His next scheduled flight is Monday.
I am busy doing CPS invoices, accounting, payroll, paying bills, and chasing down people who aren't paying us. I'm also doing all the mom stuff, like the never-ending laundry, cleaning the house, and what's for dinner? The girls are now out of school so I'm going to try to do more fun activites with them, like the zoo, swimming, going to the park, etc. I was called as Young Women's President on March 9, and have been busy with that as well. I enjoy it though!
Bailee just graduated from Miss Barbara's Pre-School on May 30, (see pics), and she'll be starting Kindergarten at the end of July. I cannot believe she's growing so fast! She is very smart and creative, and loves to draw, cut things out, tie strings to things, and make new inventions.
Trinidee finished her first year at pre-school, and will start in the 4 year old class in the fall, going 3 days a week, instead of 2. She follows Bailee around and loves to play with her.
Ryker can sit up all by himself, and hardly ever falls over. He'll roll from his back to his belly and prop himself way up, but his belly still isn't getting off the ground. I'm sure he'll be crawling soon though. In 5 days he'll be 8 months old! He still doesn't have any teeth. He is getting SO big and has the chubbiest legs. I can't get enough of him. He's eating a lot of solid foods, like sweet potatoes, oatmeal, peas, carrots, bread, etc. He seems to like everything I give him.
Well, that's our update for now. See you all later!


Shanna Hurd said...

It was so good to see your family at the Barn. Thank you so much for helping me take care of Ashton!! You guys sound as busy as we are. Your new awning looks awesome. Rhett and I keep talking that we haven't even seen your guys or Kyles houses yet! I guess we need to plan a vaca. Yeh!! hope all is well for you guys!

Shanna Hurd said...

"Tag your it" Tia.
I tagged you for the fun. Hope you will do it!! The questions are on my blog. Just copy and paste and delete my answers and put in yours!!! Hope you will have fun with it!!

Shannon said...

Tia, I love your blog! You're so good at it. Your girls are so cute in their dance outfits. And Ryker is sooo cute! You're so nice to put my pic in your blog. I feel so cool!

Jessica & Scott said...

Hey Tia! Thanks for stopping by our blog. I love it when I run into other people I know that blog. It's a great way to keep in touch near or far. Your little family is so cute! And it looks like you've been busy doing triathlon again. Sweet! Kevin is taking flying lessons huh? I will have to let Scott know. That sounds way fun. Well, I'm going to put a link to you guys on our blog so we can keep in touch. Good to hear from you!